Monday, 25 May 2015

Yang's Malaysian Food Truck - Sydney

Yang's Food Truck is one of my new favourite weekly lunches. Sitting in the sunshine at Harmony Park and enjoying delicious Malaysian food = bliss!

The menu varies from week to week, so I've managed to try quite a few of their dishes. 

Soft shell chilli crab

Fragrant chilli sauce with soft shell crab and a deep fried mantou to soak it all. The sauce was fantastic; I found my (greedy)self wishing I had more bread to soak up all the sauce.

Chicken curry puff

I adore curry puffs full stop. Yang's food truck's version has a flaky pastry, though it is on the dry side.

Hainan chicken wings and rice balls

This is probably my favourite offering from Yang's food truck. Delicious wings served with the classic accompaniments such as cucumber, ginger and chilli sauce. 

Nasi lemak with beef rendang

This was absolutely delicious! Spicy sambal paste, crunchy peanuts, soothing cucumbers and rice, with an extra side of tasty beef rendang. Wish this were on the menu more often! I've only seen it once. 

One spoon laksa

Great concept for lunch; the soup was fragrant with poached chicken, tofu, noodles and bean sprouts all in a takeaway drink cup. I found it a little difficult to eat with the spoon, and felt like I was dangerously on the verge of spooning soup all over my (uncoordinated) self.

Ramli slider

Don't let this ugly picture deceive you - this burger was very tasty. Described as the most 'popular burger in Malaysia', it's basically a beef patty with fried onions, cabbage, fried egg, cheese with Worchester  sauce and Maggi seasoning.

This is definitely become a weekly lunch time staple. The options are tasty and quite affordable in comparison to other food truck offerings. It's very reasonable for what you get. Service is quick and 10 minutes is the maximum I've had to wait. 

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Ramen Raff said...

I love everything at Yang's esp the soft shell chilli crab!! Nice to know they have nasi lemak now!

chocolatesuze said...

ooh ive never seen their nasi lemak available before, it looks deeeelicious!

Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

Been dying to get my hands on their soft shell chilli crab. That deep fried mantou!

Vivian - vxdollface said...

I've never heard of a ramli slider before even when I went to Malaysia but it does sound good!

Taralee Rose said...

The food from Yang's Malaysian Food Truck looks absolutely delicious. So many tasty choices.