Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Yasaka Ramen - Liverpool Street, Sydney CBD

Whilst Yasaka's logo 'No Ramen, No Life' sounds a tad on the drastic side, it certainly does feel that way these days as we are heading into winter territory. 

My last visit to Yasaka ramen was actually quite a while ago as I am dreadfully behind on blogging, but this cold weather has me craving for ramen. 

Guava calpis

The drinks menu has a variety of soft drinks and teas. I couldn't go past trying the guava flavoured Calpis, as it's not a flavour I usually see. Calpis is a uncarbonated soft drink that has a milky and acidic flavour. The guava flavour is fruity, but like all the other flavours,  it is quite sugary sweet. 


We started with a shared entree of Ikayaki, which is a squid pancake. It is described as a hidden specialty of Osaka; with fresh squid and hand-kneaded dough that is barbecued. It tastes like a cross between a pancake and an omelette.  

Yasaka ramen

Kakuni ramen

Grilled chashu ramen

The ramen menu is split up into the different tonkotsu soup bases - shoyu (soy sauce), shio (salt), or miso. The soup base here is described as thick, but I find that the thickness is perfect; the soup is flavoursome and not too heavy. 

My grilled chashu ramen has a nice charred flavour, and is served with fungus, bamboo shoots and spring onions. I try some of the kakuni pork and the meat is fall-apart tender.

There certainly isn't a shortage of ramen restaurants in Sydney; Yasaka Ramen is another one to add to the list. Whilst I wouldn't rate it as my favourite, I would definitely visit again to try some of the other dishes.

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