Honeymoon in Hoi An - Part 2

I am seriously reminiscing about the warm and balmy weather in Vietnam right through this atrociously cold weather. 

As promised, here is Part 2 of the Hoi An posts, which again mainly consists of lots of food. That is pretty much what we did the whole trip! 

Vietnamese deep fried net spring rolls

Banh xeo

Seafood fried rice noodles

One of my favourite drinks (along with Vietnamese iced coffees) during our holiday was definitely the young coconuts. So refreshing! 

In the complex of the Tomb of Minh Mang (Hue)

Unfortunately, it was quite rainy during our day trip to Hue, so we didn't explore as much as we would have liked to - it was pretty much duck in and out of the sites and back into the car.

Our driver took us to a local hole in the wall place for lunch. Whilst it was nothing fancy, the dishes were simple and delicious.

Banh Cuon

Grilled beef vermicelli salad

Thien Mu Pagoda (Hue)

Luckily, the rain subsided on the way back to Hoi An; just in time to stop off for a seafood feast at Nhà hàng nổi Việt Long.
The restaurant is located on a shaky wooden footbridge. The rain left the sky misty and grey which gave the place a very tranquil vibe. 

The live seafood options are located in plastic tubs at the front of the restaurant; and you basically pick out what you want and tell them how you'd like it cooked.

Definitely the place to stuff yourself silly with seafood for a VERY reasonable price.