Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Kin by us - Macquarie Park, Sydney

Kin By Us is all about fresh, seasonal asian-style cafe dishes. The cafe is located in Macquarie Park, created by Uel and Shanelle of My Kitchen Rules fame. 

I never watched the show, but after seeing the endless mouthwatering dishes on Instagram (hello, pork belly waffle!), I knew I definitely had to pay a visit.

Kin by us

I can only really make it on the Saturday, so I love that the cafe opens bright and early at 7am. Yep, I've morphed into an oldie that would rather get up at the crack of dawn, then have to wait in line. 


The serving ware for all the drinks here are incredibly pretty, with a Japanese influence. The coffee is from Rueben Hills. 

White peony tea

SPS affogato

The shot of coffee works well when combined with the sweet and saltiness of the salted palm sugar. 

Waffle belly

This is hands down my favourite dish at Kin by us. Oh-so-tender caramel soy pork belly served on a potato waffle, with a onsen egg, asian mushrooms and red cabbage. 

This is definitely a must order dish!

Snap crackle plop

The adorably named snap crackle plop is only available from 11:30am onwards. Delicious chicken rice with a generous amount of crackling, and an onsen egg thrown in for good measure. 

Garlic chicken wings

This was a special side dish that was on the blackboard during one of my visits. I could not resist the promise of piping hot, crisp garlicky chicken wings. These were amazing; wish it was a regular feature on the menu! 

Black lotus

This is definitely the prettiest breakfast dish out there. A colourful tumble of black sticky rice, coconut milk and three mana; topped with fresh pieces of fig and edible flowers.

Kin by us has become a fast favourite for delicious asian-style brunch. All the dishes I've tried have been fantastic, so you can't really go wrong; though I really recommend ordering the waffle belly if you are suffering from menu indecisiveness.

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Joy Brunched said...

Yum!!! I want to try the waffle belly now.

Karen N said...

definitely worth a try!

Vivian - vxdollface said...

ermagherd that waffle belly gives me so much pleasure lol, so much better than i expected!