Ramen @ Chaco Bar - Darlinghurst, Sydney

Chaco Bar is a little Japanese yakitori dining place in Darlinghurst. More recently, Chaco Bar have also been opening during lunch times, with the promise of delicious bowls of ramen.

The menu is kept simple, with two choices of ramen; extra topping options, and a handful of side dishes. It's a cash only affair for lunch. 


I can never look past gyoza on the menu; and especially at a place like here, where these delightful dumplings are made in house. The pan fried gyoza are filled generously with a tasty pork filling; though I shared these (reluctantly), I could easily have eaten another plate of these to myself! 

Fat Soy

The pork soup is so flavoursome and hearty. The fat soy comes with default toppings of two pieces of chashu, half an egg, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts and shallots. I also added some black fungus as an additional topping.

Fish salt ramen

The fish salt ramen is more delicate in flavour and comes with toppings of chashu; Prawn & John Dory wonton; bean sprouts, and leeks. 

It's hard to pick a favourite between the two; both ramen are fantastic. Flavour wise, I would lean toward the Fat Soy, as you can't really go wrong with the goodness of the fatty pork. Definitely recommend getting both and sharing with your dining companion.

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Ramen Raff said…
I freakin' love their ramen!! The I prefer he fish salt ramen over the fat soy but I've been told that extra fat soy is much better so will need to return soon to try that!