Saturday, 22 August 2015

LuMi Bar & Dining - Pyrmont, Sydney

I've only heard amazing things about LuMi Bar & Dining, so it was a no brainer to come here for a leisurely weekend lunch to try out their reasonably priced lunch 4-course set menu.

Situated right on the wharf, LuMi is nice, airy and bright; the restaurant has lovely water views during the day. At night, the space is lit up with lots of small lights, or 'LuMi' in Italian. The food here is an interesting mix of Italian and Japanese.

Celery tonic

The celery tonic cocktail is a refreshing mix of cold pressed celery juice, soda, vodka, lemon and agave syrup.


LuMi's Italian take on this traditional Japanese dish is silky smooth and packed full of flavour, mainly thanks to the addition of parmesan.

Salt and vinegar crisps

These paper thin rice crisps were extremely addictive; oh so light with just the right amount of salt and vinegar. 

Ciabatta and grissini

Semolina Chitarra

The pasta dish packed a punch, with sea urchin, zesty orange and fennel seed.

Lamb, Leek, Red miso

Not usually being a huge fan of lamb, I found this dish very tasty; the meat was so tender, and not gamey at all.


I take advantage of the fact that it is still early enough for coffee, and order one to have with dessert.

Ginger ice cream, white chocolate and passionfruit

A delightful dessert; the creamy ginger ice cream helping to offset the richness of the strips of white chocolate. 

All in all, I very much enjoyed the dining experience at LuMi. Everything from the the service, atmosphere and food were top notch; all at a very reasonable price point. I also love that the restaurant opens for weekend lunches, will definitely be back to try out more of the dishes. 

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Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

Ginger ice cream is right up my alley! Sounds like it was a perfect finish to your meal.