Saturday, 1 August 2015

Pinbone - Woollahra, Sydney

It was sad to hear that Pinbone in Woollahra will be closing it's doors after tomorrow. Luckily, it isn't a permanent closure, with the team taking a short break and then looking to open up in a new location (hoorah!) 

I'd hazard a guess and say dinner will be all booked out tonight, but there's still time to get in for the fantastic Sunday brunch offerings, as it's a no bookings affair. 


This is from the specials menu; it's Pinbone's version of the popular korean dish, with warm rice, egg yolk and mixed pickled vegetables. I love the array of colourful and appetising vegetables, plus the peanuts add a nice crunch to the dish. 

Fregola, creamed corn and poached egg

The fregola and creamed corn combination was divine. Surprisingly, the dish is not as heavy as it looks. The poached egg is cooked to perfection, with the runny egg yolk adding another level of creaminess.


Obligatory early morning caffeine fix. On a tangent, Pinbone's serving ware is all very beautiful; I wouldn't mind some of their pieces at home.

Musk doughnut

I got pretty excited after spying a plate of doughnuts on the table next to us; I definitely had to order one to try; so the musk flavour it was. The musk was quite subtle, a nice way to to finish brunch on a sweet note.

On a previous night, I also paid a visit to try out the set dinner menu. 

Fruit of the Vine 'Pink Moon' Pinot Grigio, Yarra Valley

We started off with the snacks, which was possibly the highlight of the meal for me (in a good way, everything was fantastic!)

Corn and bacon gougere & smoky cheesy potato thing

Love the no BS naming of things; most notable cheesy potato thing and fizzy shit on the menu (haha)

Chicken Poppers

Crispy morsels of fried chicken in a lettuce wrap, like a mini sang choy bao, with jalapeño mayo and pickled carrot.

Lamb ribs with five spice almonds

The lamb ribs are tender, sticky and sweet - one of my favourites out of the snacks, though it is hard to pick just one! 

Fairy bread

An adult only version of a favourite childhood party snack! What's not to love?

peanut custard, pickled peanuts and edamame

Kingfish sashimi

Super fresh slices of kingfish sashimi served with a roasted bonito dashi and cima di rapa

Poached leatherjacket and snow pea

All the seafood dishes we had during this meal were spectacular, and this was no exception. I especially loved the accompanying crunchy snow pea salad. 

Grilled salmon belly, charred shallot, mirin

This salmon belly was perfection and my favourite main of the night.

Fennel, enoki, nori

I'm not normally a huge fan of fennel due to the aniseed taste.  Fortunately, this dish is subtle and refreshing; the nori adds a nice depth of flavour.

Roasted carrots, shiso, tofu cream

Pork & pickled pumpkin

Crispy pork crackling is always a winner; the thin slices of pickled pumpkin help cut through the richness of the pork.

Beef brisket, gai lan, black bean and chilli 

Lemon curd

Lemon curd, custard, black olive powder

Toasted sorghum ice cream, buttermilk, brittle

The desserts are a perfect end to the meal; not too sweet or heavy; I especially love the tartness of the lemon curd, and find myself scraping every last smidgen of it!

Definitely one of my favourite meals in Sydney, so I'm very excited to see what will be in store for the future. 

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Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

Was very sad to hear they will be closing but hoping they find a new site soon. I miss their fregola already!