Monday, 28 September 2015

Eating in Hoi An - Bale Well & Cao Lao noodles

Even though our honeymoon in Vietnam has now been over 6 months ago, my mouth still waters looking back on these photos. The following meal at Bale Well was hands down my favourite of the whole trip; I say so even though I probably had a quarter of my tastebuds working due to a severe cold and blocked nose, it was STILL AMAZING.

There's a 'set' menu, so no need to decide what to order; the food will just come bounding out once you sit down. It also keeps getting replenished until you can no longer stuff yourself anymore.

Grilled pork skewers (nem nuong) 

Spring rolls

Pickled vegetables

Lettuce, cucumber and dipping sauce

The owner is lovely, and will come around and demonstrate for you how to wrap all the ingredients up in a rice paper roll. Note, that if you are utter crap at it (like me) she will keep returning to show you again. If you are completely hopeless (me again!), she will eventually give up and just basically roll all of them for you.

A little while later,  when you think it couldn't possibly get any better - the waitress brings out a delicious fried omelette as an extra ingredient to include in the roll. Such a simple thing, but so damn delicious.

The location is hidden down a small alleyway and is easy to miss. You'll know you're at the right place if you peek inside, and the wall is plastered with Luke Nguyen photos. 

Address: 51 Trần Hưng Đạo, tp. Hội An, Quảng Nam, Vietnam

Hoi An Central Marketplace

Cao Lau noodles at the markets 

These noodles are a Hoi An speciality, made with the water from the local wells.

Come night time at Old Town Hoi An, all the street vendors come out to set up shop. The best cao lau dish we had was just from a tiny set up on the street

Cao Lau

I have no idea where this stall was, but from our experience in Hoi An, all the street food was incredible. You can't go wrong picking a place that looks busy. The cao lau noodles are served 'dry' with a sauce that you mix up with all the ingredients (greens, slices of pork, and most importantly lots of pork crackling!)

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