Thursday, 10 September 2015

One Tea Lounge - York Street, Sydney CBD

One Tea Lounge is a relatively new restaurant on York Street that has been popping up frequently in social media with a plethora of matcha themed goodies; it was the perfect venue for a girly catch up and surprise birthday dinner.

The ONE Tea Experience

We start off Friday night celebrations with a teapot cocktail called 'The ONE Tea Experience', which is a refreshing blend of Hendricks Gin, peach, lemon with chilled green tea & a hint of rose. It's fruity and delicious. 

Matcha fries

Crispy thin fries that reminded me of McDonald's french fries; these were sprinkled with green tea salt.


A fusion take on the Japanese favourite, takoyaki. These contain rice on the inside, like Italian arancini, and is served with green tea mayonnaise and bonito flakes. An interesting concept, though I'm a traditionalist when it comes to preferring the original version of takoyaki. 

Crispy Lollipop

You can't really go wrong with freshly fried pieces of crisp chicken. This 'Crispy Lollipop' dish is Nagoya style chicken served with Szechuan pepper.

Lollipop corn

These sticks of corn are served with a spicy sambal miso sauce, a sprinkling of popcorn and a wedge of fresh lime.

Salmon tartare

Salmon, avocado, cucumber and tobiko. Salmon and avocado is always a winning combination in my books, but the serving is on the small side. 

Gyokuro smoked octopus avocado 

This was definitely my favourite dish of the night.  The dish comes out covered in a clear dome, and once lifted, the escaping smoke adds a touch of theatre to the dining experience. It's not all show though, as the smoke adds a lovely depth of flavour to the dish too. 

Matcha baogers

A sucker for anything mini size, these sure are cute. Unfortunately, I don't really detect the matcha flavour in these mini burgers; I'm still yet to try the famous ramen burger, so would be keen to go back to try that out.

Popcorn curry chicken

Served with green tea lime mayo sauce, these morsels were addictive. 

Green tea miso cod

This dish was another favourite; the cod was perfectly cooked, and served with seared scallops, seaweed, celeriac and lemon reduction.

Tofu white chocolate cheesecake

Tofu white chocolate tube with crumbed polenta, lemon curd & assorted berry textures; kindly assembled into a dessert platter.

Ice cream baogers

Slider sized fried buns served with your choice of ice cream; in this case, lychee and green tea)

Green tea parfait

Layers of Frangelico pannacotta, green tea ice cream and black sesame ice cream, red bean, Almonds, castella, fresh cream, waffle flakes & fairy floss.

Summing up the whole night, I felt that some of the dishes were hits, and some were misses. The serving sizes are on the smaller side (think bar snacks) Hits wises, I think the smoked octopus dish is a must order, and the teapot cocktail was lovely too.

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