Saturday, 10 October 2015

Night Noodle Markets 2015 - Hyde Park, Sydney

It's that glorious time of the year again, Good Food Month, which means the night noodle markets at Hyde Park.  This year, I have the advantage of working literally across the road from Hyde Park, so conveniently dropped in as soon as it opened the first day.

Black Star Pastry x N2 gelato


A super refreshing blend of strawberry watermelon cake smashed with N2 gelato, mixed with a Tippity Hibiscus Rooibos tea soda and freeze dried cherries. Absolutely loved the idea of a tea version of an affogato and this was perfectly executed. 

Andy Bowdy ice cream truck

Andy Bowdy's ice cream truck was an opening night special only, which is a shame because the soft serve was fantastic! 

The Happy Ending

Pandan soft serve, coconut rice custard, mango, coconut milk jam and toasted rice. Definitely a happy camper with this one - mango and coconut are a match made in heaven. The pandan flavour was quite subtle, making it a perfect base for the rest of the ingredients to shine. The toasted rice added a nice crunch to the sundae. 

Hoy Pinoy

Pork belly skewers from Hoy Pinoy

The sticky and sweet skewers at Hoy Pinoy are always delicious (hence why there always seems to be a never ending queue!)

Cebu lechon from Hoy Pinoy

The cebu lechon comes with atchara sauce and rice. Loved the crispy pork crackling.

The lines seem to be the longest here, though the team are very efficient at serving and it moves fairly quickly.

Eggplant and miso pita from Jugemu and Shimbashi

Soba salad from Jugemu and Shimbashi

I feel like most of the savoury dishes are quite expensive for what you get and it's definitely better value dining at the actual restaurant itself. On the other hand, the night noodle market does have a great, lively atmosphere and is a nice thing to do on a balmy spring evening. It's also a great opportunity to try bits and pieces from a variety of places.

The desserts were as good as ever. Messina never disappoints with their special offerings:

Messina's Lucky fortune bar

David Bao-wy

I thought this might be a bit heavy due to the deep fried bun, but I was so wrong. This was perfection; salted coconut sorbet, white chocolate mango ganache and crushed cashews. As I mentioned previously, mango and coconut = winning combination. Do yourself a favour and order one of the Messina baos. 

Great balls of fryer

Messina comes up with the best giggle inducing names, this time is no exception. This deep fried ice cream has a satisfyingly crunchy exterior; the inside is filled with thai custard gelato. The ball is placed on top of the 'Messina tinned fruit salad'

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Ramen Raff said...

Love Hoy Pinoy's lechon and that Teafogato from Black StarxN2 Gelato. Totally missed out on Andy Bowdy's ice cream truck.