Sunday, 22 November 2015

Petal Met Sugar - Woolloomooloo

Petal Met Sugar is a gorgeous new cafe x florist in Woolloomooloo. The first thing you notice as you step foot in the shop is the beautiful blooms on display, along with a display cabinet filled with equally pretty cakes.

Vanilla bean croissant

The croissant is nice and flaky; it's filled with vanilla bean butter, but the vanilla flavour is quite subtle.


Definitely the prettiest dessert, with a clever use of the edible flowers. The Terrarium is a white chocolate dome with cocoa nib soil, passionfruit finger lime panna cotta, lemon balm and edible flowers. I enjoy the tartness of the citrusy panna cotta as it helps to break through the richness of the white chocolate.

The outdoor seating is limited, but once you grab a seat, it's a lovely way to spend a leisurely weekend afternoon with a good friend, pot of tea or coffee, and some sweets.


Salted caramel tart

I bought this tart as a takeaway treat. With 70% dark chocolate ganache, salted caramel mou, caramalised popcorn and gold sea salt. I love the glamorous  sprinkle of gold!

It's decadent, but not as heavy or rich as it looks. I devoured this all to myself one afternoon and didn't feel sick afterwards haha 

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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Black Star Pastry at Kino - The Galeries, Sydney CBD

I was super excited to hear the news that Black Star Pastry were opening a pop-up patisserie at my favourite book store, Kinokuniya. It's conveniently ( or dangerously!) close to work and home, plus the Kino store has store specific specials too.

Yuzu panna cotta

The yuzu panna cotta is on the smaller side, but it makes up for it's size with the lovely citrus flavour, and the panna cotta is ridiculously smooth and creamy. 


During one particular visit, there were these enticing madeleines on the counter; I'm not sure if they are a regular item though. Both flavours (green tea and black sesame) were very good. 

Black sesame chiffon

Following on the asian theme, the black sesame chiffon is nice and fluffy, with a generous slathering of icing with a coating of white and black sesame seeds. I love anything black sesame flavoured, so this was another winner in my books. 

Raspberry and lychee cake

The raspberry and lychee is such a pretty and delicate cake. This was my favourite out of all my purchases.

Strawberry watermelon cake

I also bought a slice of the ever popular strawberry watermelon cake for good measure. I always tend to overlook this staple in order to try new things; it's still as delicious as I remember, but the portion definitely feels smaller (or maybe I'm just greedy?!)

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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Lilotang - Barton, Canberra

During my recent work trip to Canberra, I stayed at the Burbury, a boutique hotel in Barton. The hotel is part of the Realm precinct which conveniently is also home to a number of restaurants.

Lilotang is a modern Japanese restaurant with a menu that is a mix between fine dining and izakaya. 

Complimentary edamame with chilli salt

It's always nice to start the meal with some edamame. These are quite addictive with the kick from the chilli salt.

Chicken meatball with creamy egg

I always order tsukune, or chicken meatball if I see it on the menu. Cooked on the robata grill, it gives the dish a wonderful smoky flavour. It's even better dipped in the creamy egg.

Roast umami vegetables in orange miso

The roast umami vegetables are delicious with a prominent citrus flavour. It's a cute idea served in a hollowed out orange, but my only gripe is that it's a minuscule serving. 

Pork spare ribs with pickled red cabbage, black pepper, balsamic and soy

The sweet and sticky pork ribs were balanced nicely with the tartness of the balsamic. 

Kaki-age tempura rice

The kaki-age tempura rice is ordered by the bowl; it's an individual serving of rice topped with kaki-age which is basically strips of tempura vegetables. 

Chicken thigh skewers with yakitori sauce

We are so impressed with the robata grilled skewers, that we decide to add to our order and try the chicken thigh skewers. The order does not disappoint - the skewers are juicy and have that wonderful charcoal grilled flavour to them.

Roast Fuji apple

Of course I can't go past the dessert menu, and finally decide on the roast Fuji apple with yuzu ice cream, walnuts and honey infused Umeshu. This was a lovely asian take on the humble apple pie, with the yuzu adding a refreshing citrus twist. 

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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Egg of the Universe - Rozelle, Sydney

After starting hot yoga classes a few years ago, I've become a regular; I love the mix of the crazy sweaty and hard workout, plus mindfulness and meditation. Egg of the Universe is a great little yoga studio with a whole foods cafe attached.

There's a gorgeous courtyard out the back with plenty of shaded seating. Perfect spot to grab a post-yoga bite, or in my case, drop in after a Saturday morning venture at the Orange Grove markets.

Coconut and mango smoothie

Served in a young coconut, this smoothie was so light and refreshing. Fresh mango blended with young coconut water and flesh. Would love to recreate this at home if hacking opening young coconuts wasn't such a pain in the ass. 

Spring breakfast

Roasted spiced carrots, sweet potato and fennel with two organic poached eggs, spring sprout salad, green aioli and EOTU dukkah. This salad is the perfect mix of everything; it's all fresh produce, healthy, flavoursome and filling. 

Sweet potato and buckwheat pancake

Activated organic buckwheat and sweet potato pancake with poached pear and berries, served with banana, vanilla cashew cream and maple syrup. 

The pancake itself is quite thick and dense. It was similar to banana bread, but quite dry - it could have definitely used more of the delicious vanilla cashew cream and poached fruit to counter this.

Overall, Egg of the Universe has a delicious, wholesome menu with a fantastic courtyard space to enjoy your meal. The menu is a bit pricier than expected, which is the only downfall. 

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