Cottage Point Inn - Cottage Point, Sydney

Hidden away on the stunning waterfront of the Hawkesbury River is Cottage Point Inn, a picturesque one-hatted restaurant with panoramic views. It's also a lovely road trip through the lush Ku-rin-gai National Park. 

We get there a tad early for our booking, so spend a good while sitting on wharf enjoying the views and sunshine.

Monmousseau ‘Brut Etoile’ - Loire Valley, France

House churned butter

The bread was served warm and had a nice thick crust - perfect for slathering on generous portions of the butter. 

Amuse bouche

The amuse bouche for the day was a gazpacho jelly, a refreshing chilled tomato broth made into jelly form. 

Opting out of the tasting menu options, we decide to order from the a-la-carte menu, settling on three starters to share, and one main each.

Grilled leaf and cauliflower salad

A decent vegetarian offering; the grilled leaf salad was served with goats cheese, mint and toasted walnuts. 

Local Burrata, Pea Juice, Green Almonds, White Peach

Summer on a plate - the peas are bursting with freshness and the light and stretchy burrata is quite mild. Paired with the sweet white peach, it makes for one refreshing dish. 

Moreton Bay Bug 

This was my favourite starter; delicious Moreton bay bug, served with citrus, fennel and lemon hollandaise. 

Yellow Beetroot with Orzo 

The vegetarian option for the main was the yellow beetroot with orzo. This dish packed a punch in flavour, with smoked parmesan, puffed rice and celery leaf.  

Butter Poached Market Fish

 Beautifully cooked butter poached market fish (guess you can't really go wrong with copious amounts of butter!) The fish was served with capers, kale, golden spƤtzle, and served with clam beurre blanc. 

Both the mains were of substantial size and quite rich and filling.

Yoghurt Vacherin, Malfroy’s Gold Honey, Lemon Curd & Basil

Finishing on a lighter note, the yoghurt vacherin is a delightful shell of meringue, with a creamy and tangy inside. The basil adds a fresh, almost savoury touch to the dessert.

Petit fours

Last but not least, the petit fours came presented on a tree branch - a stick of aerated chocolate, like a seriously good, adult version of an Aero. 

All in all, a lovely meal in a stunning location, however the service we received put a dampener on the whole experience. It started out on a good note, but somewhere through the middle, we ended up being overlooked, and often sitting there waiting for our dishes to be cleared after we had finished, and for someone to come and take our dessert order. This was in comparison to every other table surrounding us, so it wasn't just because it was busy.