Sunday, 10 July 2016

Doux Amour - Rosebery, Sydney

Doux Amour is a cute cafe that specialises in cookie choux puffs filled with assorted flavours. It's located in Rosebery, next to Belfield on Botany, and is relatively new, having been open for a few months.

Cake display

In addition to the choux puffs, Doux Amour also offer customised cakes to order. 

The menu offers a range of hot or cold drinks, including smoothies. Food-wise, there's Belgian waffles, macarons and eclairs too.

Cookie choux puff range

During my visit, each choux is $5.50, not sure if this is a promo price as written, or whether the prices have now increased.

Cookie choux puffs

Rosie the pig, filled with lychee and rose cream

Nutty the bear, filled with Nutella

Blackie the penguin, filled with black sesame cream

Macho the turtle, filled with matcha cream

The choux puffs all have a cookie crust, which gives it a nice crunch. It's hard to pick a favourite flavour as they are all pretty good; the flavours are prominent too, though I wouldn't have minded more matcha flavour in the turtle. The puffs are best eaten on the same day as purchasing.

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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Melbourne Eats Part 2

Here comes Melbourne Eats Part 2! For those who missed my first post, read up on Part 1 here.

Seeing that Shortstop has recently opened up a shop in Sydney, I gave that a miss during the Melbourne trip and zoned in on Doughboys on Bourke Street. The shop opens up nice and early at 7am for coffees and a variety of hand forged donuts.

Daily donut selection

Blueberry coulis

The donut was freshly made and filled with blueberry coulis. The glaze on top was very sweet, which became a bit sickly towards the end. Probably best shared instead of scoffing a whole one, which I did.

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As I mentioned in my previous post, it's hard to get a bad coffee in Melbourne. One of the most popular spots for coffee is Patricia Coffee Brewers.

It's sort of hidden down an alleyway in an unassuming building - the long line snaking out the door and people hanging around drinking their coffees is a dead giveaway.

The line was out the door during my visit, but it moved fairly quickly. The main selling point here is coffee, and it's standing room only if you want to have your coffee there. There's also a handful of baked goodies on the counter.

I get my coffee to go it's way too crowded. The coffee is fantastic, and it's an essential warmer for the chilly Melbourne morning and walk to the Queen Vic markets.

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I spot the famed doughnut van but unfortunately cannot stomach it after my earlier greedy donut breakfast. The doughnut van sells the classic variety, 5 freshly made for $5.50.

I have a browse around the markets and stop for coffee #2 at Market Lane Coffee, who happen to have a shopfront at the Queen Victoria markets. 


Another solid coffee at Market Lane Coffee. Note that there is no seating area, so it's standing only if you want to drink your coffee there. 

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Dinner that night is at Chin Chin, who are notorious for their crazy waitlist times. Luckily we get in for a crazy early dinner (seated before 5pm) and easily get a table.

It's all about share dishes at Chin China, so between the three of us, we order a handful of dishes to share.

Crab and prawn cakes

The crab and prawn cakes are deep fried and super tasty, especially the salted duck egg and tamarind nam prik dipping sauce. 

Twice cooked grass fed Great Southern Pinnacle beef short rib

The beef rib is fall apart tender and served with coriander and a prik nam pla sauce. 

Pad Kaphrao

A stir fry of silken tofu, eggplant, cauliflower, egg and holy basil.

The dishes are very flavoursome, and our orders are on the heavier side of things; I definitely found myself wishing that there were vegetables in the dishes. 

Grilled banana roti

A lovely sweet end to the meal with grilled banana filled roti, served with condensed milk and cinnamon sugar. 

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The next day, I take the opportunity to explore further out and hop on the tram. It's so easy and convenient with a Myki card. First stop was South Melbourne and the ever-popular cafe, The Kettle Black. The cafe itself is lovely, housed in a Victorian style terrace, it's bright and airy inside. 


It's mid-morning on a weekday and the cafe is already bustling. I manage to get a seat at the communal table.


I barely need to look at the menu before I know what I want to order; the amazing looking hotcake. The fragrant hotcake comes with ricotta, blueberries, maple, double cream, seeds and nuts. It is divine; 

There's also an appetising array of baked goodies on the front counter, including tarts, cupcake and slices. 

The one thing that catches my eye are the Lune cruffins. I manage to get the last kaya filled cruffin, which is a croissant and muffin hybrid. 

I saved it for afternoon tea later and it was absolutely delicious. Unfortunately, I didn't get around to Lune Croissanterie to check out their famed croissants, so this was the next best thing.

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Next destination the tram line was St Kilda. It was a pretty cold, windy and slightly wet day so it wasn't the best weather for strolling along the beach, so I duck into Matcha Mylkbar for a bit of warmth and a light lunch.

Matcha Mylkbar promotes a balanced diet with less meat, and has a plethora of vegan options on the menu.

Okinawa longevity bowl

A section of the menu is dedicated to longevity, or blue zone bowls. These bowls are inspired by 5 cities around the world that have the highest percentage of people that live to 100. The Okinawa bowl is based on Okinawa in Japan, and consists of green tea soba noodles, kale, edamame, kelp and sweet potato crisps. 

Beetroot latte

I was very much intrigued by the latte menu; with a varied range of options, including a interesting sounding mushroom(!) latte, and the very tasty sounding apple pie or carrot cake lattes.
I go with the beetroot latte, which is made with cold pressed beetroot juice and dehydrated beetroot. In actual fact, it tastes better than it sounds - it is sweet, milky and has a slight hint of that earthy beetroot flavour.

I found the meal a tad pricy for the portion; if the weather wasn't so cold and horrible, I would have definitely gone for a smoothie bowl or smoothie as they looked amazing. 
I would love to re-visit and try out the lovely sounding carrot cake latte (wish Sydney had this!).

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