Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Chatkazz - Harris Park, Sydney

Chatkazz in Harris Park is a interesting mix of vegetarian Indian street food and fast food. The restaurant is a casual setup, and is quite busy during a weekend lunch. The menu consists of a variety of items; under categories such as Mombay Chinese and Mumbai Roadside special.

The service is quick, helped along with the ordering system - there's a pen and order sheet; you mark down what you want to order and then flag down the waitstaff to hand it in.

Mango lassi

The mango lassi is delicious; full of mango flavour and made with creamy buttermilk. 

Watermelon juice

There's also a handful of fresh juices on the menu, including this refreshing watermelon juice.

Jini dosa

I feel like a dosa, so pick one with a bit of a twist. The jini dosa is a South Indian dish and consists of thin and crisp crepe, stuffed with a vegetable based filling. 

The dosa comes on a platter with various condiments. The filling is super tasty and I suspect the red colour is from beetroot. The dosa has a generous sprinkling of cheese inside which has melted from the warmth of the dosa.

Tandoori paneer pizza

The Mr orders the tandoori paneer pizza; it's a vegetarian pizza with tiny cubes of tandoori paneer (a firm Indian cottage cheese). The pizza is OK, but nothing special - I would recommend skipping the pizzas and trying something else. 

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