Friday, 23 September 2016

Bruny Island, Tasmania

Having been to Tassie twice in the past six months, I definitely think it's the best option for a local getaway; with amazing food and scenery, what more can you ask for?

During my Hobart trip earlier this year, we went on a day trip to Bruny Island with Bruny Island Safaris. The tour departed our hotel around 7am, heading to the car ferry deparature point at Kettering.

Bruny Island Cheese Company

First stop was to the Bruny Island Cheese company for some cheese tasting. There were a few gems, but the most memorable one was a hilariously named "Nanna's Undies", a semi-hard cheese aged in herbs. The name is due to the lavender and herbs that coat the cheese, which has a fragrance reminiscent of nanna's lavender scented drawers.

The Neck

Next stop is The Neck, an isthmus of land which connects the two halves of Bruny Island. 

After climbing 200-odd timber stairs to the Truganini lookout, there's a stunning 360 view of the beautiful surroundings. 

Bruny Island Neck Game Reserve is also home to fairy penguins, which can be seen during the warmer months (September to February)

Mixed berries in champagne jelly and ice cream

One thing that Tassie also has an abundance of is berry farms. Bruny Island berry farm's signature dessert is the mixed berries in champagne jelly; it's a simple and refreshing offering. 

The second half of the tour included a lighthouse tour of Cape Bruny lighthouse, where we enjoyed sweeping views of the rugged Tasmanian coastline, followed by some lunch at Hotel Bruny, oysters at Get Shucked, plus a visit to the local fudge and whisky shops. 

Cape Bruny lighthouse

Hotel Bruny fish platter for two

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