Thursday, 9 February 2017

The Dessert Kitchen - Chinatown, Sydney

Cold sweet treats are definitely the perfect cure to the scorching heatwave we've been experiencing of late. There's a new dessert place in town located right next to Wagaya: Dessert Kitchen.

Green tea sago with red bean and mochi 

First up is the green tea sago. It's an interesting one as I'm usually used to having sago with coconut milk. The green tea flavour is on the mild side, but pairs nicely with red bean and the chewy mochi pieces. I don't think I would order this again,

The Mid-Summer Festival

The Mid-Summer Festival is a refreshing sundae made with mango ice cream, yuzu kanten, mango pomelo, chocolate pearls and vanilla ice cream.

Japanese green tea soba

This little trio reminds of the desserts in Hong Kong. The Japanese green tea soba set comes with green tea kanten, mango, mini rice balls with coconut and mango juice. I feel like the mango and green tea flavours are mismatched and doesn't tie in together in a set.

Black glutinous rice with coconut milk

I had to do a double take when the black glutinous rice with coconut milk was brought out as it did not resemble the picture in the menu at all. I assume that this was due to ordering the dish cold instead of warm, as I've seen pictures on Instagram that look like the menu photo. Looks aside, it's a decent glutinous rice dessert; my only issue was that it was a bit too thick in consistency.

Even though a couple of desserts didn't quite hit the mark, I still think it's a pretty good dessert place and a welcome addition to the neighbourhood. My favourite was the sundae, and I'll definitely be back during this weekend's heatwave to cool down!
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