La Floraison - Regent Place, Sydney CBD

La Floraison is the latest addition to the Regent Place dessert offerings. It's one for the ladies, with a pretty floral ceiling, fairy lights and and delicate jelly flower cakes.

At Floraison, you can also order a customisable coffee of your own design, made with 3D printing techniques. 

Floral jelly cake set

Sakura jelly cake

Chrysanthemum jelly cake

Aren't these the most adorable spoons you've ever seen?

Green rose tea and apricot peach tea

The green rose tea is lovely and fragrant and the candle to keep the tea warm is a nice touch. The apricot and peach tea is too strong for my liking, nothing like the light and fruity that I was expecting.

 Verdict? The floral jelly cakes are very pretty but quite expensive, priced around $9 each. The floral jelly cake set comes with a tea of your choice and costs $28. Taste wise, it was a disappointment that the cakes basically tasted all the same - I couldn't tell the different between the sakura, chrysanthemum or rose, which was a shame.

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