Friday, 26 January 2018

Cha Bei - Galaxy Macau

Cha Bei is a adorable café housed inside the Promenade shops at Galaxy Casino complex in Macau. The restaurant is beautifully decorated with floral artwork and elaborate cakes on display.

It's also relatively quiet during a weekday lunch which is a nice escape from the hustle and bustle outside. The eye catching restaurant is bright and spacious and doubles as a retail shop with trinkets, chocolates, teas and flowers for sale. The decor is pretty, whimsical and spring-like with pastel green and pink everywhere.

There's plenty to explore whilst you wait for your food as well; gorgeous cakes in the front window display and a very Insta-grammable swing perched in front of a stunning floral wall. 

Lovely bird and floral cake on display

Exterior wall of Cha Bei

Cha Bei interior

One of the many cakes on display

Floral cake

Buttercream floral cake

Individual cakes

There's also a huge range of individual cakes in the display cabinet. I take a mental note to order one of the sea salt cheese cakes with the pretty buttercream flowers later.

Lobster bisque with crispy rice

One thing I do love about Cha Bei is that the menu has quite a range of light and healthier options - perfect for when you've overindulged on holidays. The main portions are on the smaller side. 

The lobster bisque has pieces of Boston lobster, Shimeji mushroom, choy sum and golden rice. The bisque itself is quite flavoursome and the crispy rice adds a nice crunch to the dish.

Cha Bei salad

The Cha Bei is a light option with seasonal leaves, tangy green mango and quinoa. The toasted almonds and coconut dressing add some punch to the salad.

Pink Lady lychee mint iced tea

Healthy Verde blend

The green smoothie blend of avocado, coconut water, basil, ground flaxseed and Himalayan salt is quite light and a bit too watery for my liking. The iced tea on the other hand is lovely - it's fruity and refreshing.

Onto the desserts, as I mentioned earlier, there's a range of pretty individual cakes on offer in the cake cabinet, as well as a number of desserts on the menu.

Sea salt cheesecake

Signature Cha Bei soufflé

Sesame latte and pink latte

As with the rest of the menu, the desserts are lovely and light. The sea salt cheesecake is nice and creamy, with a crunchy biscuit base and a hint of sea salt. The cloud-like soufflé comes out piping out with some vanilla anglaise on the side.

Cha Bei is a gorgeous spot to spend an afternoon having lunch. They also offer afternoon tea with a range of savouries and petit fours that also look amazing; I'm definitely going to try next time I'm in Macau. 

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