Monday, 9 March 2009

Japan Day One-Fujikawaguchiko

Yes, I'm still posting about Day One. It was an extremely long day considering that we left Hong Kong on a 1:50am plane, and arrived in Japan around 6am in the morning! (a very sleep deprived day as well) Anyway, after a quick lunch, it was back to the hotel to relax.

The hotel was situated a few metres away from Lake Kawaguchi, with a direct view of Mt Fuji, weather permitting! It was also equipped with an indoor and outdoor onsen, which was very much welcome, after a long tired day.

What I loved most about the Japanese hotels and onsens, was that all of them were equipped with shampoo, conditioner, hairdryers and even face wash, cream, exfoliators, foot scrubs, you name it! And I don't meant crappy no name brands, like we get in other hotels around the world, but brands like Shiseido and Kose were common. It was awesome.

Which brings up another point, Japanese people are so honest, that they can actually provide things like this. I think anywhere else in the world, there would be people stealing the bottles of shampoo, face wash and cream.

A crepe shop- there seemed to be at least one everywhere I went in Japan!

Cute whale boat

One of the many vending machines dotted all around Japan- quite handy when you're craving a hot or cold drink!

Adorable smaller swan boats

I loved seeing all the different Japanese houses- they are all so beautiful!

Christmas-y decorations, don't ask me why they are still there in February...

Pretty view of Mt Fuji from the hotel room

Too bad about the cloudy grey skies!
It got so bad at times, you couldn't even tell there was a mountain there!

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