Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Japan Day Two- Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park

I'm sure you thought that Day One was never going to end, was it? It was an exhausting day, and after relaxing in the onsen for a while, I was all nice, toasty warm and ready for bed, at the early time of 8:30pm! haha, It was a long day, OK?

Fuji-Q Highland is an amusement park located in Yamanashi, with a lovely view of Mt Fuji in the background. Not that you really bound to notice, when you're 80 metres in the air on a roller coaster, screaming your head off!

Entrance to Fuji-Q

The scariest and longest haunted house ever! Basically they give you a torch, and you walk around in a freaky abandoned hospital in the dark!!

Fujiyama roller coaster- was the tallest roller coaster when it opened at 259 ft, I think now it's the world's 8th tallest, and 5th longest. Awesome fun!!

The roller coaster pretty much snakes through the whole theme park!

Dodonpa- In 2001 it was the world's fastest roller coaster, in 2007 it was ranked 3rd, but still with the world's highest 0-100 acceleration time, I think it's something crazy like 1.3 seconds? Neck breaking stuff.

Check out the Youtube vids:


Japan Fuji-q Highland Amusement Park said...

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Anonymous said...

The rides I found just average but overall a nice place to spend an afternoon. Fuji Q have pretty fun TV commercials too