Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Macanese Food- Establismento De Comdas Man Lei Cheong Seng

Macanese cuisine is a unique blend of Chinese and Portugese cuisines, created from Macau's history as the only European colony in China. Macanese food typically involves many spices, and cooking techniques such as baking, roasting and grilling.

A small restaurant upstairs from some quiet street, it was totally packed out!

Perusing the menu, with helpful accompanying pictures for most of the dishes, and english translations

Baked mixed vegetables with garlic and mushrooms, Notice the Coke plate? Well, the whole restaurant is filled with Coca Cola memorabilia and all types of old Coke bottles throughout the years!

Baked cod fish (Bacalhau)- a yummy dish with tomato, onion, capsicum and olives. However I wasn't a fan of the seemingly millions of tiny bones in the fish.

Beef ribs- this is hands down the best ribs I've tasted, it was meltingly soft and tender, and full of charcoal grilled flavour. I could polish off the whole plate!! (which has about 10 or 12 of them)

A dish that doesn't need much introduction- Portugese baked chicken

One of the shelves of Coke gizmos

Excuse the dodgy iphone photos, I was pretty hungry and in a rush! hehe, hence the blurry photos, and hands everywhere

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