Thursday, 19 March 2009

Marc Jacobs Daisy Limited Edition

During a bit of airport shopping and perfume hunting, I spotted this cute limited Edition Marc  Jacobs Daisy perfume, and had to make it mine.

Instead of the normal white bottle, the flowers are green....

And also come with a whole booklet of cute stickers to customize your bottle! 

'Everything green is blooming this spring, especially daisy! Flaunt your personal style by customizing this unique daisy bottle with the charmingly quirky stickers found inside'


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment!

This looks pretty good, I really wanted the original Daisy, but I haven't seen this before.. I think I'll have to go in and have a look/smell!

missklicious said...

It smells the same as the original daisy, I'm pretty sure. I love the cute bottle though, and I had a bit too much fun putting on the stickers! haha