Monday, 6 April 2009

Weekend purchases

Went a little bit overboard 'stimulating the economy' this weekend! But to justify it, everything was on sale, which makes it OK, right?

Minkpink Boyz to Men blazer- on sale down to $25 

Cocktail ring from Forever New- $9.95

Pretty flower earrings- $9.95 from Forever New- my new favourite store for accessories on the cheap!

Forever New ring- on sale for $2.95! Can you tell I'm obsessed with anything flowery at the moment?

Alannah Hill 'She Spoke to Angels' blouse in creme

Such a pretty top!

Alannah Hill 'Badly burnt' flower clip

Alannah Hill 'Pack of lies' headband

Also picked up a few black basic high waisted skirts and a handful of new gym clothes. So many sales on at the moment!

Me in procrasination mode, doing my nails, when I should be completing 2010 graduate application forms. I bought a whole heap of nail art stuff in China, so have been experimenting with them all. 

Now back to applying for 3891389893 jobs and graduate programs again. Sigh.


Emz said...

Oh I love your purchases! Good luck with job and graduate apps those things are such a pain haha I'm glad I still have years before I get there

Pop Champagne said...

Omg I LOVE that headband.... Can you order that headband online?! lol I want it!

missklicious said...

Not sure if you can order it online. I think it might be a few seasons old- they had plenty at the Alannah Hill outlet I went to though! Or try Ebay? x

diamondsinchampagne said...

Omg I adore your Alannah Hill purchases, especially that top. The colour and embellishments are gorgeous!
Love the bargain blazer too, what a fabulous buy!