Sunday, 3 May 2009

Perfect pretty pastel flats

Tina pastel flats from Sambag. I'm totally and utterly in love with the lilac pair! *must have when payday rolls around and I'm not completely broke*


Humpty Dumpty said...

they look sooo cute!!!
and i agree the lilac pair looks gorgeous!

Julz said...


I'm not sure if it was your blog or another Canberra chick's blog but is there a famous cake/patisserie shop in Canberra that you used to blog about?

I'm trying to find it but it's nowhere to be found :(

I'm hoping it was you who blogged about it!

if not, thanks for your time and you can delete this comment :)

missklicious said...

I vaguely remember blogging about it, but not sure if it's the one you are talking about?

Le Petit Fourneau?

Julz said...

Yes!! Omg that's the cake shop :D Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!