Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Bits and Pieces

Have been neglecting blogging lately again due to work, applying for jobs, being a hermit and not wanting to do much in this freezing cold weather!

Been doing some shopping here and there:

Tony Bianco heels- bought these for work, but they are great for any outfit!

I can never help myself in the accessories section in Forever New. It's the best shop for reasonably priced goodies.

Bangles from Forever New

Also had a squiz at IGA supermarket after work and found more intriguing lollies:

Chocolate skittles!! Unfortunately these don't taste very good...

Crazy core skittles

The Blue Raspberry and Lemon ones are yum!

Almond M&Ms

Hershey Almond Joys

Snapped this pretty picture of St Mary's Cathedral before going to the Sydney Winter Festival... didn't take any pictures of the actual festival though since it was so small/packed and I couldn't be bothered!

Nothing much else is new.

1) Still hunting for a job.

2) Pretty much have gone cold on the idea of going back to uni. Endless nights of stress and study, being broke, accumlating a HECS debt etc has zero appeal to me at the moment. Especially since there's no promise of a job afterwards either.

3) Have curbed my appetite for shopping. I haven't bought much lately due to being busy with work. Which is a good thing

4) In place of said shopping habit, I've been eating a ridiculous amount of junk at work. Chocolate bars which I justify because it's for charity, chips, various morning teas, cakes and whatnot. SO FAT

5) Have been slacking off at the gym, only going once a week or not at all because of overtime. Must get into it again and stop with the excuses! This cold weather really doesn't help since it just makes me want to hibernate. Grr


an92 said...

Lovely mary janes! THe Hershey almond joys look delish!

pluto said...

Aaahh ... St Mary Cathedral. I miss Sydney... Hyde Park, QVB. And going further to Port Steven.
Nice place to stay ;)

damzel said...

I just clicked on your sig link through vogue and have to say, those forever new bangles are really pretty! Great purchase :)

Sushi said...

Gorgeous choice of shoes and accessories x Sushi