Thursday, 23 July 2009

Since I didn't look enough like a 15 year old...

I finally got my braces.

They weren't as painful as I was anticipating them to be. It was more annoyingly long and tiring getting them on more than anything.

They don't hurt otherwise, but eating is a different story. Hoping this subsides very soon (otherwise I will be very upset)

So yes, total Ugly Betty for now.


an92 said...

Aww, but isn't it good to look young?! haha I had mine when I was 12, when you get your retainers DON'T LOSE THEM. I've lost one of mine and I think I have to get new ones. If you don't wear them or lose them, you will have to get them again (like some of my friends).

B said...

Came across ur blog through vogue forum.. Just wondering how much did you pay for your braces? I'm thinking of putting them on too but am still saving up some money.. TIA!!