Sunday, 30 August 2009

Hair accessories maketh the outfit

My obsession for hair accessories may make me a bit bias, but I think a pretty headband or gorgeous clips can really polish off an outfit, or dress up something otherwise quite simple.

Beautiful headbands by Jennifer Behr:

Cute accessories from Mimco:
Cherry blossom mini clip
Poppy Love alice band
I'm in love with this Cicada clip!

And this gorgeous handmade lilac silk hair pin from Summerblossom

I'm a sucker for pretty hair accessories!


thelma said...

oooh!! these are so chic and stylish, simple but very sophisticated. This are good, coz it doesn't overpower your outfit. I want the cicada clip too!!


Sushi said...

Ah the mimco cherryblossom clip is so pretty x Sushi

an92 said...

so prettyy! I wish I could wear headbands more often, they usually give me headaches for the whole day :(