Sunday, 11 October 2009

Azuma: Ton Ton Regent & Azuma Patisserie

Regent Place is no longer a tucked away nook on George Street to pass by ever since Azuma has opened their trifecta there - Ton Ton, Kushiyaki and the Patisserie:

Perusing over the menu at the counter, which you aren't actually allowed to take anywhere, as they so clearly write on every single menu.

Waiting in the odd room next door with signs everywhere telling you not to touch or damage things or you 'will be billed for the damage' hehe

Chicken karaage ramen:

Beef sukiyaki udon:

And just because every time I walk into Regent Place, I can't take my eyes off Azuma Patisserie. I think it must be a package deal - if you go in to eat at Ton Ton or Kushiyaki, you simply must have dessert! (resistance is futile)

The hard part is deciding:

Strawberry layered cake:

Delicious and fluffy layers of strawberry and cream - so heavenly!

Chocolate eclair:

Solution for the indecisive - Just have one of each:

Pear and caramel mousse

Raspberry mousse

Green tea roll cake

White chocolate mousse

Mont Blanc

Azuma Patisserie

Ground Floor

501 George St
Sydney 2000

Ph: 02 9267 1313
Fax: 02 9267 9995


Linda@eatshowandtell said...

I always cop alot of crap from my friends for not having tried Ramen. Azuma looks like they do a pretty mean ramen, i should definitely give it a go. The variety of desserts on offer at the patisserie looks absolutely stunning, I want some =D

Betty said...

im also coming here for dnner before the sugar hit at hilton Lols what a mad coincidence :)

missklicious said...

@ Linda - You should definitely try the ramen, and you probably won't be able to resist the patiserrie either! (I never can)

@ Betty - And great minds think alike! Sounds like a delicious combo