Sunday, 18 October 2009

Dumpling Inn, Canberra

One of the few places in Canberra to serve Shanghainese cuisine. Dumpling Inn has been around for years now, and used to be in Aranda but is now at the Jamison shops.

The food came out super quick - it felt like we ordered and the food came out straight after, literally within 5 minutes!

Refreshing cold jelly fish salad

Tan tan noodles

Noodles with pork and preserved vegetable - these are always tasty and disappear fairly quickly!

Shallot cake

Siu long bau

Overall it was good, but tends to get on the greasy side after such a massive feast

Dumpling Inn restaurant
1/1 Lawry Place
Jamison Centre ACT 2614
(02) 6253 2268

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retrodaze said...

Yum, I love cold jellyfish!

missklicious said...

Agreed! It's always so refreshing.

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge fan of the Dumpling Inn. They make the best Honey King Prawns. I have yet to try the cold jellyfish. Thats next!