Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Random eats & Sweet treats

I've somehow built up quite a collection of lonely photos that were neglected and are just sitting in my folder all lonely like. I think it's culling time!

Testament to my frequent trips back and forth Canberra and Sydney, the following are a mixture:

I had training this morning, and after the mind numbing 3.5 hours, I was looking for something, ANYTHING quick to eat before heading back to work, which took me to the Yarralumla shops where parking was impossible to find! Luckily parking was found, because I randomly stumbled across this lovely little cafe - Beess & Co

Corn fritters sandwiched with smoked salmon, cream fraiche, salad and cucumber

Awesome presentation

Such a surprise find as I was just looking to grab a quick sandwich with no expectations, and was blown away by this great cafe tucked in the corner of the shops. Will definitely be back for the tempting breakfast selection, and it's close to my work which is a bonus!

  • Beess & Co Cafe
  • Yarralumla Shops
  • 5/29 Bentham St
    Yarralumla 2600 ACT
  • Phone: (02) 6285 0116

The weather has been so icy and freezing cold the past few days (Please come back lovely Spring weather!) but on the upside, it's perfect weather for homemade wontons:


Something else you'll only find in Canberra is Kingsley's Chicken - which I had a massive craving for after the gym tonight (Yes, I'm healthy like that... )

Awesome Chips! Mmm crinkle cut

My quarter chicken, with a side of mayo for dipping my chips in (Since I'm being unhealthy, might as well go all out right?!)

Chippies - which were delicious, but half way through the massive packet they were a bit cold (Damn you freezing weather!)

Went to the Voguette's meet - High Tea at the Loft with irresistible teapot cocktails:

Might not look like much but it was alot of food- didn't even get through it all! (as we were pre-warned)

Passionflower - Crepes with Taro & Lychee and rosepetal icecream

Cheesecake from the local cafe

  • And my favourite Japanese lollies - white peach and blood orange flavours. I love the variety of flavours they always come up with!

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