Saturday, 3 October 2009

Vegetarian House, Canberra

With only a handful of vegetarian places in Canberra, Vegetarian House, tucked away in Tuggeranong, is always a cheerful and cheap option, with friendly service from the cute old man that works behind the counter.

They serve most of the typical Vietnamese restaurant dishes like pho and broken rice with the meat substituted with soy meat.

Soy satay chicken skewers

Faux prawn toast - with vege substitutes

Vegetarian laksa - loaded with plenty of veges and soy meat, not exactly an authentic laksa, but still hits the spot!

Banana fritters with coconut cream

Vegetarian House

Shop 7, Homeworld Shopping Centre, Tuggeranong, ACT, 2900

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Jen ( said...

i secretly love vegetarian food! i'm a big fan of Mother Chu's Vegetarian Kitchen on Pitt Street in Sydney -you must try it :)