Sunday, 15 November 2009

Lazy weekend

Finally, some perfect weather!

Extremely proud of my random find at Toys R' Us last weekend whilst buying Monopoly, Hello Kitty Pez. So disgustingly cute, I had to have it. Doesn't taste as good as I remember though, probably because I haven't eaten Pez since I was 10.
To City we go. Well actually, Saturday I stupidly wanted to go to Chatswood as I wanted to hunt down a Camilla & Marc dress at the Myer Super Saturday sale. Firstly, I guess I should have checked properly before we went, that they actually STOCKED it, and secondly, I wanted to go somewhere else other than the City because I didn't think the City would have any (or my size) in stock, which they didn't when I looked last week.

Chatswood didn't stock it, and I didn't bother to go look in the City.... until today (when the sale is over!) and they had one in my size. Talk about angry!!! Yes, I am still kicking myself.

Anyway... went off on a bit of a tangent there!

Dinner at Musashi - Mojito

and my massive dinner bento box

Macarons galore!

The Lindt cafe was so so busy!

Clean shiny cup waiting for some chocolate action!

Chocolate goodness

And of course, I received my package with my beautiful Chanel classic flap which I love to pieces! Still getting used to it though, so I'm a bit clumsy with it.

Also bought Super Mario Brothers for the Wii, and it's so much fun! LOVE the multi-player function, it's hilarious!


retrodaze said...

I LOVE that bento box at Musashi! I order it every single time that I go there!

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

I have that Hello Kitty PEZ dispenser too! Bought more for nostalgic reasons rather than actually wanting PEZ. Got the My Melody one for a friend while I was at it =p