Saturday, 28 November 2009

Life in dot points

  • Received a phone call about my job application last Friday and I got the job! WOOHOO!!! Which means that:
  • I will be moving to Sydney early January, hopefully will find somewhere to live near work...
  • Need to learn how to drive in Sydney - I'm terrified after being used to massive and quiet Canberra roads, eep
  • What's with the crazy weather - one minute it's crazy hot 40+ degrees and then it's Winter all over again, Please make up your mind!
  • Contemplating cutting my hair really short, it's pretty long at the moment, but everytime I cut it short, I end up regretting it and growing it again. It's a vicious cycle!!! Hmmm what to do?
  • Went out for a lovely brunch at Du Jour at the Diamant Hotel this afternoon, pics to come shortly
  • Outfit of the day:

Alannah Hill coat
Minkpink singlet
Forever New Skirt

China Glaze polish in Caribbean Temptation *love*

So hello, Sydney! I'll be there in the new year!


Sandiebaby~ said...

congrats on the new job :)

love the chanel bag~~


missklicious said...

Thanks! =)

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Congratulations on the new job! But I'm afraid the weather in Sydney has been just as crazy ><