Sunday, 13 December 2009

Christmas shopping and gifts

Another relatively lazy weekend. Friday night vegged out at home and watched the latest episode of Gossip Girl and Cloudy with a chance of meatballs. It was such a cute movie!

Went to the Gorman House Markets on Saturday and thought it was pretty crud, but scored these babies amongst the trash:

Pretty flower earrings with Swarovski crystals

Tasty sweet treats from the Old Bus Depot Markets:

Mango and custard tart, Lemon meringue tart and almond and raspberry tart

Lemon meringue goodness

This tart was amazing! So crumbly and full of almond flakes and raspberry chunks

White chocolate fudge cupcakes from the Southside Farmers Market , Is it bad that I had these for breakfast this morning?

Couldn't resist getting this cute little orchid plant, even though I'll probably kill it within a week. Hopefully not though since it was quite exxy!

Self gift for Christmas, my order from Sephora (aka heaven on earth):
Best of Make Up Forever pack

Posted off one of my Kris Kringle gifts last week:

Handmade card from the Old Bus Depot markets

Philosophy cookie tin

My abysmal wrapping skills!

Cute earrings from the markets as well

I also received another Kris Kringle gift in the mail last week as well!:

Pretty headband with flowers from Etsy. In my favourite colour!
Adorable cupcake papers - a great excuse to make some during my Christmas break!

Cameo teaspoons from Robert Gordon - will come in handy for when I move out!

Some Christmas shopping out of the way:

Gift for the bestie

I adore the packaging, which is like a little house and opens up:

To reveal the delicious Philosophy goodies!

Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? What are you gifting loved ones this year?


mademoiselle délicieuse said...

That tiny lemon meringue tart looks so cute! And best of luck with the orchid - I've hear they're very high maintenance! Will it be coming to Sydney with you?

katthroatworld said...

omggg. looks amazinggg! i haven't started my christmas shopping yet. =/

Humpty Dumpty said...

lovely purchases :)
i still havent done most of my christmas shopping yet.

and those cakes with the sushi post below is making me hungry. The sushi looks sooo fresh, and the colours are soo vibrant? (not sure if i can use that word in food, lol, but you know what i mean)


missklicious said...

mademoiselle: The lemon meringue tart was very good, I had it for morning tea today! =D and I've heard that about orchids too, so fingers crossed for my plant, I probably will take it with me if I can (very carefully!)

kat: Aww, well you still have almost two weeks to get started, the shops are insane though!

Humpty Dumpty: Thanks, yeah I still need to buy some more presents but seem to keep leaving it last minute.