Monday, 7 December 2009

To markets we go! Old Bus Depot Markets, Kingston- Canberra

Don't you love it when you go through your wardrobe, and dig up something brand new that you haven't even worn before, and now suddenly it's the perfect piece of clothing:

Bebe top - nude with black beading and a ribbon waist sash, dredged up from the depths of my wardrobe.

Excitedly made my way to the Old Bus Depot Markets in Kingston, as they have an extra trading day on Saturday just before Christmas. Perfect for finding those extra presents!

Gorgeous display of cakes:

Can you resist?

Sweet little Christmas cupcakes - check out the Christmas trees! So adorable!

Guy selling freshly squeezed orange juice among other drinks

Pretty glassware and decorations

Lindsay Edmund's organic chocolates

Couldn't resist a selection of yummy chocolates

And these packet of white hot chocolate sticks:

Basically they are chocolate on a paddle pop stick, and you boil some milk and swirl the chocolate through and viola, hot chocolate!
Can't wait to test them out!

Don't remember the exact names of all these chocolates, but I'll try:

This one was milk chocolate with a cluster of nuts inside


Vanilla bean white chocolate and Mont Blanc

And I can never go past the stores selling trinkets and jewelry:

Drop earrings

I also did a bit of shopping for my Kris Kringle receipient which I'll post up later on (when I've sent it out!)

Cute handmade Christmas cards:

Gingerbread man!

I had such a tough time picking out the Christmas cards - they have so many cute ones, I could have bought the whole stall.

For anyone still stuck on Christmas presents or just stocking fillers, you should go check it out.

Stay tuned for another markets post on the Hall markets, coming up soon!

Old Bus Depot Markets

Open every Sunday from 10am-4pm

Old Bus Depot building
Kingston Foreshore
Wentworth Avenue, Kingston ACT 2604


katthroatworld said...

omggg. i need to visit australia asap. you guys have the coolest restaurants/bakeries/shops! cute top! love the color/design!


Porcelain Blonde said...

Gorgeous top - the colour really suits your complexion :)

And those cakes - yum! They look heavenly.

<3 xxx

Forager said...

They look like great markets for Christmas shopping! Love the earrings you bought too