Thursday, 7 January 2010

Farewell work (well one more day to go!)

Had a lovely farewell lunch at Hoang Hau, which was very generously paid for by my team. It's a little restaurant on Giles Street in Kingston, offering mainly Vietnamese food with some other asian dishes. No pictures of the food though, Sorry!

Picture from

I shared an entree of shallot pancakes and crispy stuffed chicken wings which were quite good. Main was Bo Luc Lac (diced steak wok-fried with garlic butter)

Inside the restaurant

My lovely gift from workmates - potted Anthurium plant (it took a bit of Googling for me to find out the name of this plant!)

Love the pretty red flowers/leaves!

I accidently closed the car door on my poor plant when trying to carry the massive box so it's a little bit damaged, but it should be OK!

My cute farewell card - 'Oh Shoes!' and lots of shoes hehe not sure who picked this out, but I thought it was great!

Everyone at work has been asking me if I'm excited to be moving and starting a new job, but to be honest, I'm not exactly bursting with excitement. I really enjoyed working at my current place, and wouldn't have minded staying a bit longer! But that's probably the side of me that craves routine, when I really need new challenges. I guess because I've been moving jobs quite a bit, so it's nice to be somewhere more permanently, and settle in, especially when it's with a great bunch of people that make you smile and laugh everyday.

It's easily been the best workplace I've been to date, but I'm certain that there will be alot more of that to come in the future! I'm just feeling a little bit sad to leave, which is a bit of a foreign feeling (with most of my jobs it's always a relief to leave!) so I'm having a bit of a vent on here.


mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Don't worry, I was at my first job for 6 years and got bought out by another company. My role changed and I stayed there for a year and a half before I couldn't hack it anymore. Was unemployed for a over a year and have now been at my new job for only a week tomorrow! I too enjoy routine and stability, but sometimes it takes a new environment and new tasks to kick you out of your comfort zone! =p Best of luck =)

missklicious said...

Thanks for the reassurance! I know in my head that it's a good thing, and I'm sure once I get into the swing of things, I'll be thinking 'What was I worrying about?'

Congratulations on the new job by the way! How was your first week?

Esta said...

All the best for the move!

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

First week was a very steep learning curve. Lots of new things to get around, as well as a supervisor who doesn't always give me all the details required to complete tasks...but it takes some time to get used to each others' working styles!