Sunday, 24 January 2010

Lazy Sunday + Alannah Hill purchases

It's been a pretty sad weekend. I've been at home since Friday doing exciting, and productive things, such as cleaning, organising my things and not so productive ie: lying on the couch watching Foxtel.

Some of my recent Alannah Hill purchases from the 50% sale:

Pave Paradise clips

This headband wasn't actually reduced since it's Winter stock, but I impulse purchased it anyway! I love the graduated purple stones. It's so gorgeous in real life!

It's called 'She Saw The Stars' headband

She Floated Away cami- which is more a blouse than a cami. So pretty! It's a coral/peach colour which gradually gets darker from top to bottom. Great for work or going out.

Gorgeous glassy buttons and pretty ruffle details

I've had my eye on this cardi for a while, but decided to wait to see if it would be further reduced, and it was! 'Storm of Doubt' cardi in a gorgeous purple colour.

I should have looked closely at the quality though, as I discovered when I got home that there a few stitches loose and the beading looks like it will come off soon, so I won't be wearing this one until I get the beading re-enforced.

Gorgeous beads - and I'm in love with the shade of purple!

The Happy Bunny cardi - too cute! Had to have this since I adore rabbits and it's my Chinese zodiac sign and plus the adorable buttons!

The gorgeous back

I could have bought alot more, but I was strapped for time since I went after work on Thursday and only had 2 hours to shop (and I wanted to have a looksie at DJs and Myer after Alannah Hill) There was a MASSIVE lineup to pay, and I think I missed out on most of the good things, since some of the shelves seemed a bit bare.

I really wanted the heart print scarf, but missed out by a millisecond - I saw one girl holding two different colours and was secretly hoping she'd put one down but that didn't happen! There was alot of pretty dresses and things, but I was good and held back! Which is quite hard since everything is beautiful in that shop, and it's like being a kid in a candy store.

I don't think this weekend has been long enough! What has everyone been up to?


mademoiselle délicieuse said...

I'm slowly discovering that you are one serious Alannah Hill fan! =p

katthroatworld said...

love that purple cardigan! great color!!!

missklicious said...

md: Haha, I admit, I have been buying alot of Alannah Hill lately!

kat: I love purple!