Friday, 15 January 2010

Quick lunch at The Coffee Club - Civic, Canberra

Not all of The Coffee Clubs are created equal in my experience. I've had great breakfasts at one branch, only to be greeted by substandard fare at another, so now I just tend to stick to the one in the City- not amazing food but it's great for something quick.

Frappes are fantastic for quenching thirst on a hot day:

Mango frappe

Pine lime frappe

Candy cane frappe advertisement - looked a bit funky to me...

Chicken and mushroom filo with a side salad

Pumpkin and spinach quiche with side salad

I'm going through a bit of a salad faze at the moment, and this really hit the spot! Nice and fresh.
Canberra Centre
DF35, 148 Bunda Street

Various locations throughout Australia


A said...

Oh I love the coffee club's hot chocolates! Glad to know there is an ok one in Canberra. Those frappes look very tasty...

panda said...

so true - every coffee club i've been to tastes different! guess it depends on who owns/runs it. and yeah that candy cane frappe looks a bit funky - left over candy canes from x'mas maybe?

missklicious said...

A: Haven't tried the hot choccies there, but glad to hear that they are good! The frappes are yum.

panda: Haha probably! I saw someone order one of the candy cane frappes and it looked pretty disgusting.