Monday, 18 January 2010

Quick lunch at Iori- Civic, Canberra

Where to go in Canberra for a tasty bargain weekday lunch? Japanese restaurants are few and far between in our nation's capital and Iori is the top option for those looking for their Japanese fix.

It fills up with a lunchtime crowd so it's best to book, otherwise you'll end up sitting at the sushi bar (like me) or not get a table at all!

Cute Japanese decorations at the entrance

Quenching my thirst with a Calpico

Lunch time at Iori is quite a bargain compared to their dinner prices. Most bentos are $15 and there are many options including sushi, and options such as teriyaki chicken etc or udon sets

Sushi bento set - with miso soup

41 East Row
Canberra City ACT 2601
Phone: (02) 6257 2334

Iori Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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