Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The Scholar Restaurant - Dickson, Canberra

Located upstairs on Woolley Street in Dickson, upstairs where New Shanghai used to be located is a brand new Chinese restaurant that has only recently opened.

They are offering Yum Cha during weekdays as well, but tonight we are here for an early dinner.

Brand new shiny restaurant

Having a look at the menu - alot of interesting and new dishes

Complimentary soup

I'm never a fan of Chinese soups, and always try to weasel my way out of drinking them

Waiting for the food

Entree - duck tartlets

A bit like sang choi bow with a twist- served in a pastry cup instead of lettuce

Spare ribs

In a sticky alfoil package - probably not the best presentation, but so good! Plus it stays warmer for longer

Veges to counter the meat

Japanese style pan fried fish - with a mayo dipping sauce, this was my favourite! The fish was so soft and tasty. The sauce may seem a bit weird, but anything with mayo is good!

Attacking the fish, with crispy skin beef in the background


A few things that we wanted to try on the menu weren't available, which is understandable since they just opened!

Note: I'm terrible with the name of the dishes! Not so accurate so they may be called something else on the menu.

And you can't go past Dickson without doing a bit of Asian grocery shopping. I picked up some dessert while I was there:

Peanut mochi icecream - this was interesting... It had a peanut exterior with vanilla icecream and a mochi centre.

I was more worried about rushing to finish it in the damn heat before it melted everywhere! Haha


AY said...

Totally agree with the alfoil presentation! I looked at the photo before your comment and was thinking "Wow, that's at a restaurant?!" But I guess, if it tastes good...that trumps the looks right? =)

missklicious said...

Yeah, it kinda looks like something you make at home, right? Hehe