Saturday, 30 January 2010

So Sydney

When it takes you over 2 hours to get somewhere that normally takes 30 minutes. And pay $3.80 toll fee for the privilege.

Merrily left work at 4:30 in the afternoon, and didn't get into the City until after 6:30. Note to self: Must put water supply and rations in the car next time.


Esta said...

Meh that's what I hated about Sydney when I live there. In the end I would just leave my car at a train station and train it to the city :(

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Poor you, I heard there was a massive accident and they closed the M5 sometime yesterday arvo!

missklicious said...

Yeah, there was an accident in the tunnel and they had to close it off. I saw on the news this morning that it was a 12 car pile up, which makes sense since we saw 4 police cars, 3 fire trucks, and 3 ambulances drive past.