Friday, 12 February 2010

Canberra Southside Farmer's Market- CIT Woden, Canberra

I love markets of any kind. If they involve clothes or food, I'm so there.

Canberra has it's share of fantastic markets - Old Bus Depot, Hall, Handmade Markets (which I haven't been to but really want to go!) to name a few.

I love the local markets, and on this particular day, I woke up early to visit the Canberra Southside Farmer's Market held at the Woden CIT grounds. I went there with the false promise of dutch pancakes as stated on the website.

Due to the fact that it was just before Christmas, alot of stalls weren't in attendance, and I searched high and low for my beloved pancakes to no avail!

I still had fun browsing though.

Homemade jams
Fresh vegetables
Baskets of fruit - everyone had their bags on wheels ready to haul home a bundle of food!
Turkish dips - love the encouraged taste testing at the markets

Inside section filled with pre-Christmas shoppers

Tempting fridge display with all kinds of cake, cupcakes etc, I bought the white choc cupcakes, which were sooo good!

A great way to start a weekend morning and work up an appetite for a big weekend breakfast!

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mademoiselle délicieuse said...

I love markets too! Not so much into craft ones, but food and clothing ones are always great in my book =)