Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Cheap fashion thrills

Oh my god. I think I got a little bit too excited after discovering Portmans at DFO were having this MASSIVE sale. Most things were $5 or $10! I bought a whole bag of clothes which only ended up totalling $50. Crazy.

The only thing is. the stock that was left were all massive sizes, but I ended up buying them anyway since my mum can alter them. Everything I bought was $10 or under.

Blush blazer - originally $199.95 down to $10

Cute embroidery detail top with frills on the sleeves

Love the colour of this dress! 

Knot racer back 

Blush top with frills

This was way too big - I was swimming in it, but alterations are in progress!

Pretty colour

Another top that was way too big but I had to have anyway!

Love the pretty flower details on the side

I also picked up this scarf for the princely sum of $1

It was an awesome shopping day, and my bank balance didn't suffer for once!


Little A. said...

Love your purchases!

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Bargains! And you're very lucky to have a personal alterations assistant =)

bowsnhearts said...


Under $10! Omg! Why don't they have this in Melbourne? Omg omg!

Porcelain Blonde said...

Oh my gosh - bargains! You're so lucky to be able to take advantage of it 'cos your mum can alter them for you - I'm very jealous. I ain't got NO sewing skills!

Look forward to seeing you in them once they're all tailored to you. They look really cute and I love the girly detailings you've gone for - the little ruffles, flowers etc. Pretty!

<3 xxx

Golden said...

The flowered sheer white dress looks so pretty. Don't you just love it when stores go on SALE? *sigh*

Lots of love,

soph (owl vs. dove) said...

Great haul! That blush blazer is gorgeous. I've picked up some amazing silk pieces for dirt cheap at Portmans DFO lately. Soooo good!

missklicious said...

Little A - Thanks, I was so surprised to find anything nice at such a cheap sale!

md - I know. And I always take full advantage of it. Haha It's always worthwhile for me to buy damaged things that can be fixed if I can get it for a cheaper price!

bowsnhearts- Do they have Portmans at DFO in Melb? If so, they should have a similar sale cos I think they are trying to get rid of all their stock!

PB - I know what you mean, I wish I had some sewing skills, then I could 'design' and make my own clothes.

I love the details too. I really took my time and rummaged through all the clothes to find these though- which is usually what sales are all about hehe

Golden - I love sales. Not so much when you see something you bought full price go on sale though, I always try and resist now, telling myself that it will go on sale later!

soph - It's one of the best shop sales I've been to! And it was unexpected, I didn't even realise they were having a sale!