Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Fave Canberra Eats - Beess & Co + The Flute Bakery

Can't come to Canberra and not pay a visit to my favourite places.

Beess & Co
Special's board - Pan fried John Dory fillets on a bed of preserved lemon cous cous salad, so good! I'm not normally a huge fan of cous cous, but this was great!

Omelette with baby spinach and chorizo - love the generous serve of butter for the bread, the chorizo was smokey and delicious
The Flute Bakery

Honey and Macadamia + Pear and Almond brioche

This is actually takeaway since they are only open Mon-Fri, and I arrived late Friday night. My lovely mum went in the morning and informed it was really busy and she almost missed out on the cakes!

A lovely mousse cake with a honey hazelnut layer, this was fantastic!!


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Those cakes look really lovely! Lucky you to get some of them. Is that a chocolate truffle on the side of the mousse cake? :)

Monica said...

Hey -

The pictures you took of your favourite eatery in Canberra makes me "almost" want to drive down there to try it out... but Sydney! Surely Sydney has some amazing food just like it too. (Hehe, as you can tell, I'm a proud Sydneysider)

How long have you been in Syd for? For uni? Work? Really looking forward to more posts!

I love eating at Makoto too!! When I worked upstairs at world square, I went a couple of times a week. Hehe.

missklicious said...

NQN - It's such a gorgeous little bakery. The "truffle" is actually a shell filled with mousse inside. Funny thing is my mum thought it was a truffle, and bit into it with a bit of force, only to discover it was just a shell! hehe

Monica- Canberra is a great foodie place with lots of fantastic places.

Of course Sydney has loads of amazing food, and wins hands down, but comparing the two would be a bit unfair, I think!

I've living in Sydney since Jan, and I moved for work.

And Makoto really is the best!

Thanks for the comment =)

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Love the fluffy looking omelette, esp if it contains chorizo =D And the cakes look rather large!