Monday, 1 February 2010

Mizuya japanese restaurant and karaoke- Sydney

This newly opened restaurant had caught my eye ever since I saw the signage for it on George Street. It's a massive restaurant with karaoke rooms and specializes in kushiyaki and kushiage. They also have a range of sushi, sashimi, hotpot and other dishes, very similar to Wagaya.

Bright pink Sakura scattered all over the restaurant

I like how the dining booths are private, there are touch screens and service is attentive and fairly quick. They come around often and fill your water even without asking. When it became busier, the waitress was kind enough to let us know (in very broken english) that the food might take longer to come out as it was busy.

Touch screen action

They don't actually have a physical menu as well, so not sure how that would fare if you are in a big group and have to crowd around the screen

One of their many cocktails on offer - Lychee Mojito

I love Japanese plates and diningware - always so pretty!

Chicken Karaage

Scallop Kushiage

Eggplant Kushiage - I loved this, but then anything with eggplant is awesome. I used to hate eggplant before, but I've really grown to like it.

Grilled chicken thigh kushiayki


Beef Kushiyaki

Oyster Kushiage - the deep fried things tend to all look the same!

Garlic shoots rolled in beef kushiyaki

Grilled salmon kushiyaki

Chicken tenderloin kushiage

Mizuya is probably less suited as a dinner type unless you are having the hot pots as it's mainly snack type food on offer.

Mizuya japanese restaurant and karaoke
614 George Street

Sydney NSW 2000


mademoiselle délicieuse said...

I just tried this place last Saturday with a group of six. Lots of fun with the touchscreen menus as usual, but overall Azuma Kushiyaki across the road is a better izakaya.

panda said...

i haven't managed to get a table here but am keen to try. was dinner expensive?

SK said...

Looks great! So far have only tried the 50 cents soft serves. Dinner is next!

Lily said...

ive only been to wagaya once because it's always booked out! my bf and I had to wait for about 2hrs till we could get a seat lol.

ahh so many great cafes n restaurants i got off your posts, my "to go" list is growing yay!

Little A. said...

YUM! how delicious does it all look. Japanese is one of my favourite cuisines.

katthroatworld said...

thanks! looks delicious (as usual)!

missklicious said...

md: I've only tried azuma kushiyaki for lunch and had the kushiyaki set. It was good! Must go back for dinner and try the other varieties of kushiyaki!

panda: it's a shame they don't take bookings for dining. It was about $75 for 2 people but that was with my cocktail as well.

SK: I didn't know they had 50 cent soft serves? They might have gone up in price now, I think!

Lily: I don't bother with wagaya unless I've made a booking since it's always packed and it's impossible to get a table! Hehe I've got a massive to eat list as well.

Little A: Japanese is my fave too!

kat: thanks hun!