Monday, 1 March 2010

Subsolo Spanish & tapas restaurant - Sydney

What better way to finish the week, and get the weekend started, than a Friday night dinner in a bustling, noisy Spanish restaurant? Tucked away on King street, inbetween Elizabeth and Castlereagh, is this little beauty, Subsolo, located downstairs.

Initially I had a booking for 7:30, but arrived way early over half an hour early to a barely full restaurant. Boy, did it fill up quick in the next half an hour. In the blink of an eye, it seemed like the restaurant was packed.

I loved the red theme and these black, almost gothic looking, chandeliers

Having a look at the menu - broken up into sections including the tapas, espetadas, paellas and dessert.

A cocktail to kickstart the meal - Subsolo's Sangria

Paprika salt & pepper squid with saffron mayo

The squid was so tender! I really liked this dish, but didn't think the mayo tasted any different to the regular stuff

Crumbed meatballs with melting Machego cheese centres in Romesco sauce- when this came out, it smelt so delicious! The only thing is though, I wish there was more cheese inside!

The sides for the Espetada- Spanish garden salad, Patatas Bravas & Greens of the day (zucchini, my fave!)

All the sides were fantastic, and a welcome companion to all the meat, we initially ordered a Tapas serving of Patatas Bravas, until the waiter kindly pointed out that we already get a serving with the Espetada

Picanha- 350 grams of rump steak with traditional rock salt crust

My demostrator - the Espetada stand was massive! I couldn't even get it all in the photo!

Meaty goodness

And now onto the part I was extremely looking forward to:


I was tossing up between the Churros and Creme Catalana bruleed at the table. I ended up going with the Churros, with the promise to myself that I'll be back for the other desserts. Haha

Churros filled with Dulce de Leche, Spanish chocolate sauce and Honey nougat icecream - crispy deep fried goodness!

Sooo good...

Hot chocolate pudding with melting chocolate centre, chocolate sauce and vanilla bean icecream

Service was great to start off with, but was non-existent toward the end of the meal, due to the fact that it was a full house. We had to practically tackle someone to give us a dessert menu and clear our table when we'd finished.

Also, when we asked for the bill and tried to give the waitress the Entertainment card, she said 'just one sec' and walked off without taking it. I had an inkling she would come back with the bill so we quickly flagged down another staff member and handed over the card. I was right! We were handed a bill without the discount, but luckily the other person (who we flagged down afterwards) came back with the right bill.

Other than that, it was a great meal, and I'd definitely go back again.

Subsolo Spanish Restaurant and Tapas Bar
161 King St, Sydney NSW 2000

Corner Castlereagh St
Ph: (02) 9223 7000


Monica said...


I've been meaning to try out Sub solo for agessss, but haven't actually got around to doing it... *shame on me*.

I tried to book once, but the lady said that bookings fill up a week in advance! I'm not organised enough to lock in something a week in advance!

Well just from looking at your pictures, I'm more determined to go now! Everything looks sooo yummy, can't believe the two of you demolished all that food!

missklicious said...

Monica - You should try it out, it was great!

I booked the same day that I went and it was fine. It did seem like it was a full house though. A week in advance sounds a bit crazy, maybe it was during a busy period or something?