Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Chinese New Year Twilight Parade 2010 - Part 1

Held on the 21st of Feb this year was the Chinese New Year Twilight Parade. Being my first time in Sydney, I coerced the bf into attending. The only downside was, arriving late meant terrible views and being super squashed in the crowd.

Starting at dusk, Sydney’s streets are transformed. Led by a spectacular float performing an ancient eye dotting ceremony designed to awaken the spirit of the dragons, this year's parade is a truly magical experience. Delight at the beauty of the lanterns and swirling costumes, thrill to daring aerial feats and marvel at the giant tiger made from recycled metal, and ready to prowl. There’s hip hop artists, stilt walkers, more than 300 acrobats from Chongqing in Western China, traditional dance, martial arts, and stunning floats from the Australian Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese communities celebrating the Lunar New Year. Be part of this dazzling spectacle as it makes its way from Town Hall to Chinatown, and then join us for a special Chinese New Year fireworks display at Darling Harbour, to celebrate the Year of the Tiger.

One of the many lions

One of the floats with girls in traditional chinese costumes - not sure what part of China though?

More lions!

The snake


This was one of the more funny costumes - yum cha, there were also girls with fortune cookie hats

The ram

There were so many dragon/lion dancers & amazing looks costumes! I spotted most of the Chinese zodiac animals, except for my own (the rabbit) which was disappointing!


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Great photos! They really capture the movement and excitement! :D

bowsnhearts said...

Wow...it looks like you had a great CNY! The CNY parade in Melbourne is quite pale in comparison!

They said that they anticipated crowds of 50,000 but it turned out to be 500! Hahaha!

missklicious said...
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missklicious said...

NQN - It was definitely worth battling a crowd to see my first CNY Twilight Parade! I feel lucky to have gotten any photos at all!

bowsnhearts - Awww, that's a shame about the Melbourne parade!