Thursday, 4 March 2010

Chinese New Year Twilight Parade 2010 - Part 2

By this point, my feet were aching, it was so hot and I couldn't see because people kept holding their kids up on their shoulders. My camera couldn't keep up either, and half way through the night refused to work properly.

I still managed to get a few more pictures though, and then went home to pass out for work the next day (not before stopping past Maccas to scoff down chicken nuggets in place of my missed dinner)


The rooster

The dog

More dragons
Pretty pink costumes with green umbrellas - not sure where they were from

The pig

The rat

Pretty korean costumes

The ox

Disabled chicken LOL

Happy Year of the Tiger!


panda said...

how cute and sleepy is that pig! i love it!

Anonymous said...

HAHAH disabled chicken! Loves it!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Aww hehe disabled chicken! How random is that?

missklicious said...

panda - the pig was really cute!

allthingsd & NQN - Hehe, yeah the disabled chicken was a bit strange! I think it was related to an organisation or charity though, but I couldn't see.

Anonymous said...

Great photos! I wanted to go but had to study so missed out. Looks like it was so pretty and festive! ^__^