Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Kobe Jones - King Street Wharf, Sydney

I've read many reviews on Kobe Jones, alot of positive ones, and also ones that tend to indicate that it errs on the side of overrated and too expensive. After trying it, I'd have to agree that I do think it is quite overpriced, considering all the other fantastic opens out there in Sydney. It's worth a try though if you've never been!

Came here bright and early on a Monday night, it was quite hot and the sun was still blazing, so they nicely pulled the blinds down for us. No photos of the decor or view, but they were both beautiful- watched the sunset while we ate.
Having a look at the menu

Mangolo mocktail
Number One Special - tasty crab salad & avo wrapped in kingfish baked in creamy sauce

Wish there was more than 2 pieces!

Volcano Roll - this had a similar flavour to the Number One Special, but with juicy scallops, crab salad and avocado (they really love their crab salad!) and creamy sauce. This was really filling!
Anago Scallops

This was just average - the massive juicy scallops were wasted in the tempura batter I think - the crab salad also made an appearance with some asparagus
Chicken Teriyaki Roulade
This was an interesting take on Chicken Teriyaki - cooked robata style and served with the teriyaki sauce on the side, with some vegetables and a creamy mushroom duxelle, I think I prefer my chicken teriyaki closer to the usual form though

And since I usually look at the dessert section first, I knew from the beginning of the meal that I had to save lots of room for this baby:

Ama Ozen
Kobe Jone's selection of eight dessert samplers, with the famous chocolate chopsticks!


The dessert platter had the following yummy desserts:


vanilla cheesecake, fresh fruits topping, served
with almond sauce and our famous chocolate chopsticks

strawberry freshly cut, marinated in crème de
cassis and lemon with a dash of sugar, served
with a crunchy sable and marble of vanilla and raspberry sorbet

tapioca cooked slowly in coconut milk with
vanilla and sugar, served with a jelly and compote of fresh mango and papaya

New York cheesecake with homemade strawberry compote, served with green tea icecream

flambéed green tea crème brulee

chocolate melting cake served with green tea ice-cream


I was so stuffed by the end, I could barely finish it! I love dessert platters a bit too much.

Kobe Jones Sydney

29 Lime Street
King Street Wharf
Sydney 2000
Ph: (02) 9299 5290


Little A. said...

It all looks ridiculously delish. Esp the dessert!

Amy @ cookbookmaniac said...

That dessert looks amazing! I think I might go there just to order that!

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Agree, bit overhyped. Love their Mangolo mocktail tho!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I find KJ a bit hit and miss but I do love three items: the volcano roll, No 1 and the dessert platter! :D

julie said...

Love the number one entree!
WIll def go back just for the number one :)

Yuki said...

awesome!!! wanting to try KJ for a while already =)

Anonymous said...

That dessert platter looks.... to die for!!! HOLY COW.. *licks screen*


Betty said...

the volcano roll is something ill remember forever - loved it! even though its so westernised with all the mayo and condiments, it still won me over mm, & the dessert platter looks awesome - yummy :O)

chocolatesuze said...

love the volcano roll! i agree kobe jones can be a bit pricey but how awesome is the dessert!

missklicious said...

Little A - It was good. The dessert was definitely the highlight for me.

Amy - You should! I'm always tempted to just go to restaurants and just order only dessert. Like a self made Sugar Hit hehe

md - Yeah, but I still had to try it once. The mocktail was yummy!

NQN - It was definitely hit and miss! Could have done without the disappointing dishes and more of the good stuff! Luckily I got most of it right though!

julie - Number one special is so good! Just wish there was more =(

Yuki - I'd been wanting to try it for so long too. Finally got around to it!

allthingsd - I know! How fantastic does it all look. I think just the fact that it's 8 desserts in one makes it to die for.

Betty - Yeah, it's a bit different from the traditional Japanese stuff, but I loved the creamy sauce too!

chocolatesuze - Dessert was awesome! I wish I left more room for it though, I wanted to sneak home the macarons, but ended up scoffing them down anyway even tho I was SO full, didn't want to leave them behind! haha