Saturday, 20 March 2010

Let the birthday celebrations begin - Canberra Eats

Flew home to Canberra last night for early birthday feasting:

Noble Palace
Lobster sashimi on a bed of ice 

Stir fried lobster in ginger and shallots with noodles

This dish was massive!

Birthday cake from The Flute Bakery
Gorgeous pear and hazelnut mousse combo

See that caramel like sauce running off the pear? Amazing.

Tasty cake - there were even gold leaf decorations!

Yummy layers

Ready for lunch!

At my beloved fave cafe - Beess & Co

Off the specials board - grilled atlantic salmon on a bed of mash and salsa

This was fantastic. The salmon was cooked to perfection with crispy skin and juicy on the inside, great mashed potato and the salsa was to die for- avo, spanish onion, tomato etc with lime juice. SO GOOD!

Green chicken curry with green beans and jasmine rice - this was good too, but I think after the salmon, everything just pales in comparison

Mini treats from the Flute Bakery

More to come, since my birthday is on a Tuesday, I figured I can celebrate the weekend before and after (and inbetween)


juznie said...

You sure know how to celebrate an (early) birthday! Wonder what your cake will be like on Tuesday...

Wish there is a Flute bakery in Perth, it all looks so delicious! That cake looks particularly divine.

soph (owl vs. dove) said...

My mouth is watering. The cake is amazing and those mini treats are so cute! I also like to prolong my birthday celebrations. So much so that I now have a rep among my friends for having week long birthdays haha. Lap it up, I say!

Charlie said...

That looks like heaven! So yummy!

Anonymous said...

I want to fly to Canberra for all these awesome restaurants

grace said...

haha so many cakes! I can see you're milking your birthday for all it's worth... I love it haha

Betty said...

happy birthday for tomorrow! :D

missklicious said...

juznie - The joys of a midweek birthday means you can celebrate it both weekends! I probably won't have a cake on my actual birth day though.

I love the Flute Bakery, they make the most amazing cakes.

soph - Heheh, go the extended birthday celebrations!

Charlie - It was all really yummy!

Anon - Canberra's a great little foodie town

grace - Might as well! Haha We should just be able to celebrate all year long ;)

Betty - Thank you!

Yuki said...

hooray for flute =)
i should really find some time and go there!!!